Why I Will Never Feel Ashamed of My Passion for Harry Potter

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Harry Potter has always been there for me.  Many people don’t understand my intense love for Harry Potter, but the truth is that Harry has been there for me when everything else has sucked.  In times when I have suffered from crippling depression and felt like I would never ever be happy again, the world of HP gave me an escape from my own life into something magical and beautiful.  In times where I felt anxious, sad, or angry, Harry Potter was an outlet for my negative emotions.  I grew up with the Harry Potter books, setting, and characters.  I grew up learning that “pure blood” often means greedy and jealous while “mudblood,”  the most insulting thing you could call a witch or wizard, often means intelligent and skilled.  I now relate almost everything I see or hear to Harry Potter.  The recent Amendment One atrocity out of North Carolina?  That reminded me of Professor Umbridge’s idea that “progress for progress’s sake must be discouraged, for our tried and tested traditions often require no tinkering.”  The impending losses that I am trying to prepare myself to experience?  Well, after all, “to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”  I also find the idea “the ones we love never truly leave us” very comforting.

Harry Potter taught me about love, friendship, courage, death, oppression, and to never judge something or someone by appearance alone.  It taught me that people often aren’t what they seem, that it is important to be present and truly live your life, and that death is just another part of life.  It taught me that prejudice is not okay but that it can be hard to change institutionalized oppression and racism.  It taught me that girls can be powerful too, that we should all be thankful for every moment we have with the people we love, and that “happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”


This picture is of my brand new Harry Potter Tattoo that is based off of the Deathly Hallows symbol. Instead of a triangle for the Invisibility Cloak, I used Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s wands. Hermione’s wand forms the base because she is really what holds the group together.  Ron and Harry would be lost without her.  To me, this symbolizes the importance of friendship. Instead of a circle for the Resurrection Stone, I used a heart, which symbolizes the immense power and meaning of love. Instead of a line for the Elder Wand, I used a lightning bolt to symbolize courage.   I chose to have it located where it is so that I can see it every day and be reminded of the wonderful lessons I’ve learned and the great childhood I had the privilege of experiencing.  This tattoo is not for anyone but me, so I chose to have it oriented to where it would be right side up for me but upside down to most people looking at it.

I adore this tattoo.  I adore everything about the HP universe.  Thank you, Jo, for the amazing gift that you have given to me and so many others.

5 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Feel Ashamed of My Passion for Harry Potter”

  1. I didn’t even get a chance to read this all–I immediately understood what you were saying in the first few sentences. Harry Potter is my life, it’s all I dream about and hope for because it’s always been there for me. There’s not been a day that I haven’t thought about Harry, or HP fanfiction, or the universe. It’s everything that matters to me because… it’s so endless. Everything is real with magic.

    There was something I read in a fic a few years ago. I think it was Blaise that told two people essentially the same thing, something about a special breed of dragon that could spit purple fire (or some such wonder). He told Dean (Muggleborn?), who immediately disregarded it as impossible, or very unlikely, because he’d never seen it before. And he told Ron (Pureblood), who, though he’d never seen it before, expressed excitement and genuine interest.

    That description would’ve been so much better if I could remember the exact wording and situation… But still. Having that kind of innocent, child-like mindset where anything is possible is something to be envied.

    I learned everything about life through HP. From getting the first book as a child, to now being in my 20s and still cherishing the lessons I’ve taken from the story. Not just the story, but the fandom. There is no fandom like HP! I’ve been homeless, alone, with no family to help me. And that was as a child. The only constant in my life has been Harry Potter, As a kid, I’d sit outside and wait for my letter from Hogwarts to arrive, and when it didn’t come, I just kept waiting. In a way, I’m still waiting, and hoping.

    If I hadn’t had my books through elementary and middle school I’d probably have died by now. As it is, I’m married, with a little house and a husband. I’m obsessive over reading fanfics at night, in the morning, and when I get a good one, think about it all day (like I am now!)

    Sorry for recanting my life story, and probably sounding like a lunatic. But I get where you’re coming from! ~13Secrets/LovesFanfic

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