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So far today…

The flight from Asheville to Newark was fairly uneventful aside from a child that screamed almost the whole time. I got a whole row to myself and I got to sit by the window. My flight doesn’t leave until a little after 9 tonight, so I decided i would use me layover to go into NYC and see the 9/11 Memorial. I had trouble finding the number 62 bus to Newark Station. I finally found it, but didn’t have exactly $1.50 and was therefore not going to be allowed to get on the bus. A very sweet young man who looked like he was in his late teens paid for me. I got to Newark Station, ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and met a lovely woman named Judith who looked like she was around the same age as my parents but was actually 69. Judith and I had a nice conversation and she looked out for me when a man I am fairly certain was mentally ill was being a tad too friendly for my tastes. Judith helped me get to Penn Station then we went our separate ways. After what seemed like a very long time, I made it to the 9/11 Memorial. They let me in even though my bag was too big and I spent some time beside each of the memorial pools. I called my brother back because I had missed a call from him and talked to him as I was leaving the memorial. I then headed toward the PATH station. On my way there, I saw a man who had been on the train with me earlier. He held a sign saying that he was deaf and asking for help. I took him a hot dog and he cried, shook my hand, and gave me a lovely note of thanks. I am now on the train back to Newark Penn station where I will catch a bus back to the airport.




1 thought on “So far today…”

  1. Sounds like you’re having an amazing adventure already! I’m fairly jealous of your trip to the memorial, I haven’t been in months since they really made progress but I’ve heard it is beautiful. I’m glad to see you have met some kind strangers and are happily on your way!! best wishes on your travels my dear, stay safe, strong, and kind.

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