A White Blank Page and a Swelling Rage

I had a very….upsetting…. conversation on the phone on Friday afternoon. I called FedLoan servicing to ask them for the form I will need to defer my student loans during Peace Corps service. The man I spoke with was not helpful and told me, incorrectly, that I would have to request a forbearance instead of a deferral for various reasons. In order to do this, I would have to submit documentation in November. I replied that it would likely be very difficult to do that as I will be living in a rural village in South Africa at that time and will likely not have consistent access to a scanner or fax machine. The guy suggested I take advantage of the local children. He told me I should “just give one of the African kids a few US dollars and make them run it down to the courier or post office or whatever.” I have been mad plenty of times in my life, but the suggestion he laughed about filled me with white hot rage. What he thought was a funny jibe, I found a disgusting suggestion to use the poverty and life circumstances of those I will be serving for my own benefit. I was proud of myself because I was able to say “that was INCREDIBLY inappropriate” without sinking to his level or yelling or cussing. He changed the subject and continued on acting as though nothing had happened and I ended up hanging up on him. I’m not proud of letting my anger get the best of me and I usually try not to use inappropriate language when posting things online, but what a piece of shit! I gave myself a full six days to calm down so I wouldn’t get mad at the next person I spoke with because of his inappropriate behavior and called in today. My first move was to ask the girl I was speaking with for the employee ID of the man I had talked to on Friday. I made the mistake of not writing down his name, but I made sure to record the name of every person I spoke with today. I then asked her to transfer me to a supervisor and she asked me what it was in reference to. When I told her, she got a supervisor on the phone ASAP. I relayed my experience to the supervisor, who was clearly upset appalled by her employee’s behavior. I’m not sure what will be done about it, but I have requested that they follow up with me to ensure that appropriate measures are being taken. Though I didn’t say so to them, I have every intention of contacting the media with names and employee ID numbers if all this guy gets is a slap on the wrist. I will let y’all know what happens when I find out more!

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