Leaving on a Jet Plane Part 2

This is it, y’all!  We had “Staging” (training) from about 1:45pm to 7:00pm today.  It was the first time all 37 of us met each other and we got to know a little more about each other, explored our expectations of service, and explored PCs expectations of us.  It is 1:58AM here in Philadelphia and we have to be downstairs checking out of the hotel room by 2:30AM.  We will then board a bus and enjoy an approximately four hour ride to JFK airport.  We should arrive there by 7:00AM and our flight will leave at 11:15AM.  We will fly for 15 hours and 5 minutes from New York to Johannesburg (OR Tambo airport) on UA flight 7916 operated by South African Airways.  We will arrive in Johannesburg at 8:20AM local time on July 4, 2013.

After that, it will likely be a while before you hear from me.  I’m going to text my parents when we arrive and I have asked them to post something on Facebook so everyone knows I am ok.

From Johannesburg, we will take a 4-ish hour bus ride to Mastec Education Center in Seshego, Limpopo Province outside of Polokwane, where we will stay until July 10.  On July 10, we will move into our homestays, an adventure in living with our first South African host families!  Below is the information I have received about what we will be doing over the next several days.  I know some of it may not make much sense right now, but my goal is to write a little each day then upload it when I have a chance so you can know what I’ve been up to.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the amazing people who have helped make this dream a reality with your love and support.  A special shout out to Dad, Mom, and Jac for being so wonderful.  I love you guys so much and I will miss you!


THURSDAY, JULY 4             

 Arrival in Johannesburg

 Drive to Mastec Education Center, Polokwane.

 Get a good night’s sleep – you’ll be tired!


FRIDAY, JULY 5                   

 Welcome by Country Director and interviews.

 Peace Corps Staff Introductions

 Overview of PST Week One

 M edical & Safety and Security sessions

 Administrative M atters (e.g. ID photos, walk-around allowances, collection of passports)


SATURDAY, JULY 6            

 Greetings and personal introductions in TshiVenda.

 Greetings in Afrikaans.

 Overview of PST Week One

 One-on-one interviews with Medical & Programming Staff

 Cross Culture:Ubuntu session.


SUNDAY, JULY 7                   

 XiTsonga Greetings.

 Greetings and personal introductions in Afrikaans

 Traditional Dance and Songs

 Sport & Games.

 Movie


MONDAY, JULY 8                  

 Non-essential bag for storage

  PC Approach to Development

  SCRP Overview and Goals.

  M edical Session:Food and water Safety,Diarrhea

  Personal introductions in Afrikaans.

  Permagarden

  Greetings and personal introductions in Sepedi.


TUESDAY, JULY 9               

Greetings and personal introductions in Tshivenda

  Permagarden

 Homestay Orientation skit & bucket bath demo

 Cross Culture: Ubuntu Session

  Movie



 Transport Skit.

 Language Announcements

 Greetings in target languages.

  Move to Homestay


THURSDAY, JULY 11          

 Language: Greetings and Personal Introductions in TLs. (TLs= Target Languages)


FRIDAY, JULY 12                

 Language: Greetings and Personal Introductions in TLs.

   Personal Introductions, introducing self and others in TLs.

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