Africa Calling

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog.  I think I’m choosing today to do it because Africa is calling to me today.  Though interestingly enough, it is Kenya calling rather than South Africa.  I miss my host families, my fellow PCVs, and my kiddos from South Africa for sure, but the kids I know from Watoto Wa Baraka Orphanage/Work Camp (if we are being honest here) are weighing on my heart today.  I wish I could see them or do something tangible to help them.  I also miss my friend Onesmus that I met while in Kenya and would love to see him again and see how he is doing/see the wonderful work he is doing for the Stahili Foundation.  I know I’ve written an entire post about them, but you should REALLY check out and see the amazing work being done to help Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Kenya.  Looking at the pictures and seeing how far the children come really inspires me and makes me want to do more to help.

I can’t remember the last time I posted, but I have a beautiful Airedale Terrier puppy now named River (after River Song and River Tam for my fellow nerds out there).  On the days that it’s hard to get out of bed because the depression has set in, she gives me a reason to (read: MAKES ME) get out of bed.  I’m responsible for someone other than just myself now and that has been immensely helpful to me.  I think that’s all for now.  But really, go check out Stahili Foundation!