River the Wonderdale and the Case of the $1000 Grapes

Sooooo if you read my facebook updates, you know that this weekend was a little stressful/awful/traumatizing for my family and for my baby dog.  On Saturday night, I was at a friend’s house while my parents watched River for me.  Just as she would have done if I had been home, she decided to sneak up onto the counter and get herself a little snack.  Unfortunately, that snack was about a cup of red grapes.  If you didn’t know this already, grapes are EXTREMELY toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure anytime between 1 and 3 days after ingestion.  My parents got her to the emergency vet very quickly, where the vet recommended to me that River stay at REACH for two nights, have vomitting induced, be given activated charcoal, and stay on IV fluids until she was released, at which point I was to take her to her regular vet (the AMAZING people at Fairview Animal Hospital), to have her bloodwork done one last time.  Until the very last round of bloodwork yesterday, we couldn’t be sure that she was going to be ok.  (She is going to be fine)  So I spent the past few days completely freaking out thinking that my dog was going to go into kidney failure and die.  REACH cost me $880 and my regular vet cost me $130.  Those were the most expensive grapes I have ever purchased in my life.

Now, all of this was on top of an already existing depressive episode, which has made me irritable, sad, fatigued, and hopeless.  When you put the two together it is safe to say I’ve been a hot mess for the past few days.  I thought it would get better when we heard the good news about River, but alas my body feels like it’s made out of lead today.  I don’t want to move and it was a struggle to get out of bed and get things done today. I don’t think I can emphasize enough how difficult living with a psychiatric illness is.  Please please be compassionate to those you know who are struggling.  We know we are no fun to deal with sometimes, but your patience is so helpful.

If you’ve read this far, congratulations!  My last thought is that River’s veterinary care cost me almost my entire budget for this month, so if you or ANYONE you know needs a pet sitter, please please contact me or give them my contact information.  ( or 828.989.8017)


That’s all for today.  Thanks for reading!

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