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Book Review: Secrets of the Last Nazi by Iain King (No Spoilers)


Secrets of the Last Nazi, a book written by Iain King and to be published on July 9, 2015 by Bookouture, will be available as a kindle e-book at Priced at just $0.99, this 392 paged novel offers a TON of bang for your buck.  It is at once a thriller, a mystery, a treasure hunt, and an incredible revelationary work that may just change the way you look at the world,

The story begins in July of 1945 with a mysterious man, SS Captain Werner Stolz.  Though the story moves into the present fairly quickly, the secrets Stolz kept during and after World War II are the basis of the mystery and the treasure hunt that take place in the present day.  The main character, Myles Munro, is a bit strange and not immediately relatable, but he certainly grew on me as time went on and as other characters were introduced who seemed to humanize him and make him more likable.

An international investigative team starts as a way for Zenyalena Adrovsky, a Russian with a grudge, to “win one over on the Yanks,” but quickly becomes a high speed hunt for information, each clue leading Zenyalena, Myles, and the others on their team a little closer to the secret Stolz guarded so closely throughout his lifetime and a lot closer to serious danger imposed by those who want the information kept secret. With many bits of historical information woven throughout the present day drama unfolding, this book offered a little bit of something for everyone. It also offers insight to a particular branch of what I only know to describe as Nazi Occultism, though that label doesn’t seem quite accurate.

While I found the format of the chapters a bit perplexing as I fail to understand why we, as readers, need to know the specific time of the start of each chapter, I found the book enjoyable, enticing, and informative. There were a few times throughout the story when parts of the mystery didn’t seem like much of a mystery and those plot points were somewhat predictable, but it didn’t take away from the intricate web woven by Iain King and I would recommend this book to history lovers and mystery/thriller lovers alike. I will caution you that reading this book may make you wish to spend several hours on Google doing research on topics you never imagined your interest in.

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