President Elect Trump

I’ve been anxious and distressed all day.  Now I’m convinced that I’m manic and hallucinating/delusional.  I have to be.  That’s the only explanation I can think of for my tv telling me that Hillary Clinton just called to concede to Donald Trump.  Maybe this is a horrible nightmare I’ll wake up from in the morning- but it feels too real.  As a disabled white woman, I have a lot to fear from a Trump presidency.  Trump perpetuates rape culture as shown by his comments about grabbing women in certain places without their consent.  Trump doesn’t care about people with mental illness, in fact, he makes fun of people with disabilities.  He’s never held public office before so he has no experience, but he’s going to be given the codes to launch nuclear missiles.

As Americans, we should be ashamed of ourselves.  I know voter turnout was relatively high, but how on Earth did we let this happen?  And why did so many people throw their votes away on third party candidates?  It would appear that the Republicans are keeping control of the senate as well, so The Donald shouldn’t have trouble pushing things through, though I think he will find it difficult to get Mexico to build a border wall or to get other foreign leaders to take him seriously.  This problem was supposed to go away on election night, not get bigger.  I have been worried about this since Trump announced he was running, but people kept discounting my anxiety and saying he would never get the nomination, let alone win the presidency.

He wants to “Make America Great Again” but I wonder which era he’s talking about when he considers America was great.  Was it in the early days of slavery?  After segregation ended but people of color were still being discriminated against and hanged?  When women weren’t allowed to vote?  When it was ok to beat your children?  When immigrants were ostracized?  When Jewish refugees were turned away?  When was America great and why are we trying to strive for whatever false ideal Donald has set for us?

What’s going to happen when Trump has to interact with leaders of other countries?  How on Earth will they take him seriously?  I’m so exhausted.  I can’t even right now.  Tax breaks for the rich, more taxes lower down the totem pole, a bully attitude towards other countries.  We’re going to cover personality disorders eventually on and you’ll be able to read more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which may now seem very familiar to you.

How did parents with young children justify voting for Trump?  How did parents of young women?  Parents of kids with disabilities?  I just don’t understand.

Good night and Good Luck!