Canva Review

My only issue with Canva is that there isn’t a “review this product” or “review this order” feature. Or at least not one that is easy to find. I tried to find a way to leave them a review on google but couldn’t figure it out, so here I am! 🤷‍♀️

I used Canva once in 2020 to update a preschool newsletter. I didn’t really have any clue what I was doing or how to move anything around, so I just replaced the text and photos in the locations they were already in.

On March 16, I decided to use Canva to make a slideshow for my new mental health prescriber. She loved it! It was super easy to make using their templates. I also used Canva to make new business cards, labels, and a banner for my mom’s business. That’s not even what I’m here to review today, though.

If you follow me on socials, you may have noticed that I’ve been talking about Andy Grammer a lot lately and the MASSIVE impact that going to his concert had on me. He didn’t sell merch at the concert and I really wanted something to commemorate it, so I decided I’d try my hand at making a poster on Canva. I had to google how to do a couple of things, but it was relatively easy to figure out. I ordered two 18×24 posters- one to hang on my wall and one to try to pass along to Andy at his Asheville show coming up in July. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out. Even though I was in the front row and my photos looked crisp on my phone, I was concerned the image and text on the posters may be blurry. Particularly because they only cost $11 each and I’ve found the adage “you get what you pay for” to be very true when printing images.

Imagine my surprise when they arrived today looking STUNNING. I had already purchased a frame from my local Michael’s for about $15. I’ve got the command picture hanger on the wall (I have to wait I think 24 hours before actually hanging the poster for best results). I cannot wait to hang this poster up!

For $26- I have a custom, framed poster from a concert that was one of the most important events I’ve ever gone to in my life. I put the other poster in a mailing tube already to keep it safe. I don’t have photos of the poster outside of the frame. I do, however, have the image I used to print to poster. There are some photos at the bottom.

Basically, I just want y’all to know that Canva is AWESOME and I would definitely recommend them- not just for your design needs but for your printing needs as well. It’s easy to use for design (and easy to google the aspects that are slightly more complex) and the quality of the printing is excellent.

The poster I created as a digital file.
Poster as printed
Poster as printed