GOT Bag Review

My health insurance company notified me that there is a portal where I can get discounts on certain items. I went to check it out and saw this bag that I thought would be PERFECT for my Glencoe hike. It’s water resistant, made out of ocean impact plastic (so it’s environmentally conscious, which is important to me), it’s a great size (17-24” expandable x 13” x 16”), and it’s available in all sorts of cool colors. I have not received any compensation or perks for writing this review. I just wanted to share my honest opinion.

I was disappointed when I saw they were $149 because that was way out of my price range. After clicking through different colors, I found a PURPLE one (my favorite color!) on sale for $74! With my BCBS discount code, it came to $55.50 with taxes and shipping, which I must tell you is a STEAL for this bag.

I was so upset when UPS told me the package was lost because the sale was over, the color I purchased was out of stock, and I had already used my one time discount code. I opened an investigation with UPS yesterday or the day before and the package magically arrived today!

GOT BAG rolltop lite in black
GOT BAG rolltop lite in jellyfish


I was worried that I would hate the texture due to it being made of recycled plastic, but the material actually feels very nice and not rubbery at all. Because it’s a rolltop and is water resistant, I feel really good about using it as my day pack in rainy Scotland. The back is padded for extra comfort and there is a detachable sleeve that fits up to a 15” laptop or tablet.

I want to use it as my personal item for my flight, so I did a test run to see if I could fit everything I need in it. I also added my iPad case (I was using my iPad to film) to make sure it would fit somewhere. I will have room to spare!

Here is a link to a video of me fitting all my stuff in the bag! I’ll try to also embed the video. It was taking too long 😂:

I haven’t carried this around for a long time yet, so I can’t speak to comfort over time, but it’s very comfortable for short durations and I will update with more info after taking it on a hike. I would say that even at $149, this bag would be worth it. I’m so glad I was able to get mine so cheap so that I know about the quality of the bag and can plan in the future if I want to purchase the full size rolltop for $159 (only $10 more!). I didn’t want the full size for myself at this time because I wanted to be able to use this as my personal item when I travel to Scotland. I’m so grateful I was able to purchase something more sustainable than a cheap daypack from Amazon!