The Life of a Peace Corps Trainee

Where are you going? What will you be doing? How long will you be gone? Where will you live? Is it safe? Why would you want to do that? There are people in America who are struggling, can’t you just help them? They still have the Peace Corps? Will you get to come home? What language will you speak? What will you eat?

These are just a few of the literally hundreds of questions I have been asked since I announced that I was applying for Peace Corps service. I have a HUGE comprehensive exam for school next Saturday, but after I finish it I plan to create a sort of FAQ post that I will update as I am asked more questions and obtain more information. Not to fret, friends, family, and potential PCVs! I know that almost everyone who asks these questions does so out of love or kind interest. I would love to take the time to answer each and every one of them, but that is unfortunately not a luxury I can afford right now. I will let you know more next week! For now, see On the Homefront for some helpful information!