Peace Corps Application Timeline

September 6, 2012- submitted completed application online; received medical case number

September 11, 2012- received acknowledgment that my application had been received; was told I would be contacted by an assessment supervisor within five business days and notified of documents still needed

September 21, 2012- received e-mail from assessment specialist requesting my three recommendations (had already been submitted), confirmation of the deferability of my student loans, and confirmation that all financial obligations would be taken care of prior to my leave date.

September 24, 2012- Status in Peace Corps system changed to application and recommendations submitted; submitted all requested documents

October 5, 2012- Status in Peace Corps system changed to interview scheduled; notified that I was eligible for an interview and told that a recruiter would contact me within 10 business days to schedule a formal interview

October 18, 2012- interviewed with my recruiter and was immediately told that I could contact friends and family to let them know that I would be nominated for service. (My recruiter was AWESOME, by the way. I really admire her.)

October 22, 2012- Status in Peace Corps system changed to interviewed; received my nomination e-mail telling me that I would receive my legal kit within the next three weeks.

October 26, 2012- Status in Peace Corps system officially changed to nominated 🙂 Received two evaluation forms and a treatment summary form to be completed by my health care providers and submitted by November 25, 2012. I would like to mention that I had to complete more evaluation forms than may typically be required as I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If you have medical issues that are well managed, don’t let that keep you from applying! This is also the day that I started keeping track of my application timeline.

November 8, 2012- All requested medical forms submitted and received. I still haven’t received my legal kit.

November 15, 2012- Finally received my legal kit in the mail!

November 16, 2012- Went to the jail to have my fingerprints done and submitted my legal kit back to PC Headquarters! I am a little concerned because I have an unpaid traffic ticket that I can’t afford to pay until December. I’m hoping that the Peace Corps will let me just submit a receipt for payment, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve had some trouble getting in touch with them. My understanding is that it usually takes about two months to hear back about medical and legal clearance. Maybe I will know something in late January 🙂

November 19, 2012- Spoke to someone in the legal office and found out that I don’t even need to send them a receipt for paying my traffic ticket. I got the impression that the man I spoke with thought I was worrying too much.

December 14, 2012- Received notification from the RN reviewing my medical file that they need a little more information about my mental health history and my ability or lack thereof to lift fifty pounds at a time.

December 15, 2012- Turned in personal statements about my mental health history and lifting abilities.

December 28, 2012- Received notification that the Peace Corps needed two years of prescription records, a personal statement about my usage of anti-anxiety medication, and a form filled out by the doctor that prescribes my mental-health medication.

January 4, 2013- Submitted the personal statement about my use of anti-anxiety medication.

January 11, 2013- Submitted medication records.

January 14, 2013- Submitted form from my doctor about my mental-health medications.

January 30, 2013- Received my medical pre-clearance!! WOOT WOOT!

February 26, 2013- Received the following e-mail:


E-mailed back to ask whether or not I should purchase a bridesmaid’s dress for my friend’s July 20th wedding and received this reply:


February 28, 2013- EEEEEK!!!! I GOT IN!!! I received an e-mail today inviting me for a placement in South Africa with a staging date of 2 July 2013. I will be teaching English to 4th, 5th, or 6th graders in South Africa in either Limpopo or Kwa-Zulu Natal.

March 1, 2013- Accepted my invitation…OBVIOUSLY!

March 4, 2013- Received access to my medical kit online. I was a little overwhelmed with all of the forms at first.

March 5, 2013- Started filling out Visa and Passport forms

March 6, 2013- Found a dentist in my area who will do my dental exam for free since I’m going into the Peace Corps and made an appointment. Made an appointment for the eye doctor, too.

March 7, 2013- Had my physical done for final medical clearance. I still haven’t gotten some of the blood work done as there is NO WAY the PC cost share allowance of $165 is going to cover the random gene testing they want done. Got access to the New Volunteer Portal. Spent a few hours going through it and taking safety quizzes.

March 8, 2013- finished filling out my passport papers. Still need to do the visa application an obtain four passport photos.

March 11- submitter my aspiration statement and my updated résumé. Received my documentation from my doctor. Got passport and visa photos taken.

I astill need to have some blood work done. I have to get a TB test, an HIV test, two hepatitis tests, and a test for a genetic disorder. My dental and eye appointments are booked!

May 9- Received my final medical and dental clearance!!!! I am officially going to South Africa!!!

I will continue to add to this as things happen since reading blogs like this has been incredibly helpful to me so far 🙂